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NCAnet Toolkit Archive

The National Climate Assessment and NCAnet participants produced a number of materials related to NCA3. These materials are archived below. Please note that the materials listed on this page are drawn from a number of sources, and those produced by NCAnet participants are not reviewed or approved by the US Global Change Research Program.

NCAnet Forum:

For current funding solicitations related to the National Climate Assessment and associated topics, please see the Funding Opportunities page.

Resources related to topics that may be considered in the ongoing National Climate Assessment process

  • Adaptation + Mitigation (Responses to Climate Change)

  • Built Infrastructure

  • Business and Economy

  • Communication

  • Indigenous Peoples, Lands, and Resources

  • Land Use and Land Cover Change

  • Regional Reports and Assessments

[for reports focusing on responses to climate change, see Adaptation + Mitigation, above]

  • Society and Culture

Resources related to the Sustained Assessment Process

Resources related to the Third National Climate Assessment Report (Spring 2014)

Resources related to the Draft Third National Climate Assessment Report (January 2013)

General Information about the NCA

Online archive of workshop and meeting reports

  • Process workshops
  • Sectoral, regional, and cross-cutting topics meetings
  • Summaries of listening sessions 

Technical Input Reports submitted in support of Third NCA Report

Information about opportunities for engagement in the NCA

President Obama's Climate Action Plan

Other resources

  • Climate Change: Evidence and Causes (2014), jointly produced by the US National Academy of Sciences and The [UK] Royal Society. Contains "climate change Q&A" and "basics of climate change".
  • What We Know (2014), from American Association for the Advancement of Science. Includes background statement, videos, and other materials.