Public-Private Partnerships

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Special Note
Participants who wish to join this group should join one of the other small groups for the first break-out session (morning of February 18). Following lunch, this group will convene to discuss how public-private partnerships might support the roll-out of NCA3 and the sustained assessment process. Participants are encouraged to coordinate with others in their initial small group on who might join this cross-cutting group.

Task Statement
Questions this group might explore include: 1) What existing public-private partnerships (PPP) are in sync with the goals of NCA (informing the nation about the risks and possible responses to climate change)? 2) Is there a need for additional PPPs, and if so at what scale? 3) Would the convening power of the White House help in moving such efforts forward, and if so, how should we pursue this?

Mark McCaffrey

Additional Resources
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