Extension, Outreach, and Engagement

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Task Statement
We will carry the small group discussions under 5 broad frameworks, namely, extension, outreach, engagement, training, and synthesis for sustained assessment. All definitions (except for “synthesis for sustained assessment”) have been taken from NOAA’s Glossary of education-related terms.

Mona Behl & Keith Ingram

Additional Resources

Key definitions (taken from Glossary of education-related termsfrom NOAA Education Strategic Plan 2009-2029 [full document])
  • Engagement: A two-way relationship between a service provider and society. It implies a commitment of service to society through a partnership based on reciprocity and sharing of goals, objectives, and resources, e.g., between NOAA and the society it serves. Implicit to engagement is a respect for each partner that involves listening, dialogue, understanding, and mutual support.
  • Extension: Sustained interaction with specific audiences using education techniques to transfer science-based information or skills that inform decision making and/or change behavior.
  • Outreach: Opportunities designed to build awareness, develop relationships, and inspire action (e.g., pursuit of further learning opportunities, behavioral change). Involves information exchange between provider and target audience. Frequently designed to reach diverse audiences, but can be personal and interactive, designed to identify and appeal to an individual’s personal interest or motivation for information.
  • Training: A process of transferring knowledge and skills using standardized instructional methods and techniques to targeted professional audiences for the purpose of developing and enhancing professional competencies.