Frameworks for Activities

Small groups will be asked to develop frameworks for and plan implementation of engagement activities related to the release of the Third NCA Report. The frameworks developed at the workshop will be posted on the NCAnet Partners Toolkit as a resource for all NCAnet partners planning engagement activities related to NCA3.

Each small group will develop at least one framework for engagement activities, although it is possible that some groups may decide to develop additional frameworks for related activities. While the exact elements of these frameworks may vary somewhat between activity type, suggested essential elements of frameworks include:
  • Objectives
  • Target audience(s)
  • Target date(s)
  • NCA resource(s) to be used
  • Content delivery mechanism(s) (webinar, classroom, community meeting, etc.)
  • Sample materials (e.g., agenda, lesson plan, syllabus, etc.)
  • Connections to / interactions with other activities
  • Suggestions for evaluation / lessons learned and modifying for future
  • Process for completing / finalizing framework for posting on NCAnet Partners Toolkit
As they are able, small groups will also begin to plan implementation of specific activities. Because attendees may be at different stages in their planning of engagement activities, not all small groups will be able to develop detailed plans. It is also possible that within a small group there will be multiple detailed implementation plans. Full implementation plans will not be included in the NCAnet Partners Toolkit, but the dates, times, and additional information for the activities will be announced on the NCAnet Partner Activities page. Essential elements of implementation plans:
  • Specific objectives
  • Specific dates
  • Planning team
  • Invitation lists / plans for announcing activity
  • Detailed agenda
  • Resource needs / costs
  • Drafts of materials to be used
  • Plans for reports or other outputs
  • Plans for evaluation
Workshop participants may find the following resources useful before and during the workshop: