Coasts, Oceans, and Marine Resources

The NCAnet group on ocean and marine resources will include organizations, research institutions, government agencies, non-governmental partners, and professional societies whose mission is to advance ocean science research and promote ocean stewardship. This group will emphasize the need for rigorous science-based decision making and multi-objective policy development in all matters related to ocean and marine resource use and management.

This group will more specifically aim to:
  1. Provide the participating organizations with a platform to discuss, synthesize and translate scientific information related to the ocean and marine resources available from the National Climate Assessment
  2. Promote dialogue among the NCAnet partners to identify key ocean related challenges and opportunities, address gaps, promote communication, and build partnerships among the participating organizations
  3. Provide the National Climate Assessment with relevant information from the participating organizations
  4. Integrate knowledge and understanding from the participating organizations about various ocean and marine issues in order to better inform the National Climate Assessment of relevant unmet knowledge needs of the participating organizations
If you are interested in joining this group, please email Emily Cloyd ( or visit our online forum,