Informed Decision Making

NCAnet Informed Decision Making Affinity Group – Terms of Reference

The Informed Decision Making Affinity Group of NCAnet aims to identify the data and information on climate impacts and approaches to managing those impacts that
  1. exist;
  2. are helpful in understanding, assessing, planning, and addressing climate change;
  3. offer the most effective mechanisms for transferring knowledge and influencing decision-making.
Useful information and data should include a range of types (e.g. case studies) and media (e.g. maps), and be applicable to local communities and decision makers.

This Affinity Group will:
  1. Share relevant information from the National Climate Assessment with members of the participating organizations.
  2. Provide the National Climate Assessment with relevant information from participating organizations.
  3. Inform the National Climate Assessment of relevant unmet knowledge needs of members of the participating organizations.
Goals and Outcomes

The Informed Decision-Making Affinity Group will showcase positive examples of how organizations, communities, and individuals can best use information on climate change impacts to inform decision making. We will identify common threads across these success stories to help other organizations and communities, as well as inform the National Climate Assessment on how their data and materials can best aid in these processes. We will seek to create new dialogue and collaborations across our member organizations.

If you are interested in joining this group, please email Emily Cloyd ( or visit our online forum at