Education (Inactive)

Goal 4 of the US Global Change Research Program is Communicate and Educate: "Advance communications and education to broaden public understanding of global change and develop the scientific workforce of the future." The proposed Education & Outreach Affinity Group of NCAnet will provide a space for NCAnet members to share information, research, challenges and opportunities about their plans for education related to the National Climate Assessment and its findings. The group will convene monthly (in person or by phone) at a time opposite the other affinity group meetings. Each of the other affinity groups is encouraged to appoint at least one liaison to the Education affinity group. The purpose of these meetings will be: (1) To provide the opportunity for NCAnet members to discuss education ideas, tactics, and materials that support the use of the National Climate Assessment and its related science findings in broadly defined education settings; (2) To help address gaps and deficiencies in the NCA relative to education and work closely with other affinity groups, particularly communications and informed decision-making; (3) To report back to the broader NCAnet group progress on education-related activities and coordinate with other non-NCAnet education-related efforts.

If you are interested in joining this group, please visit our online forum,