What are the benefits of joining NCAnet?

We hope that NCAnet partners will find many benefits in joining NCAnet. Among these are:
  • Organized access to and updates about the National Climate Assessment process and products. By joining in NCAnet, your organization will be able to receive updates, announcements, and invitations most relevant to its regional and sectoral interests. Your organization in turn can pass these opportunities along to interested members and stakeholders.
  • Create and sustain relationships with other organizations interested in the NCA and in climate change. NCAnet brings together a wide variety of partner organizations.  Through NCAnet, multiple organizations may work together to address the challenges of learning, communicating, and getting feedback about climate change and society's responses to its challenges.
  • Share ideas, wisdom, and best practices within and across disciplines. Through NCAnet, partners can share information and suggestions about approaches to communicating and engaging with various communities on the topic of climate change, using science in support of decision making, and implementing responses to climate change impacts.
  • Point of contact within NCA staff for questions, concerns, and comments about participation.
NCAnet is still a work in progress, so if there are other benefits that you'd like to see, or suggestions that you have about ways to improve your organization's return on participation, please do not hesitate to contact Katie Reeves, Engagement and Communications Lead, at kreeves@usgcrp.gov.